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The Siege of Sarajevo 1992-96



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Following the 21st century radical changes on this planet, we have realized it was high time for us to give new contributions based on evidence from the siege of Sarajevo experience (1992-1996) to the urgent need to establish a resilience knowledge module – for the sake of terrified individuals and unprepared societies alike. Extreme urban conditions produced a parallel civilization in which creativity was a basic necessity. The process of adaptation left no space for stagnation and helplessness.

Work was the law of mental and physical survival. Working towards resilience kept people's minds occupied – work eliminated thoughts that could destroy their motivation.

It was necessary to establish a balance in the extreme urban conditions of life. This was done by creating simple, normal situations according to one's personal needs.

During the siege, the continuation of normal life in the city and the continuation of creativity were as important as bread, medicine, and water for all citizens of Sarajevo.

In our Knowledge Transfer Module, we are not presenting a theory but real-life evidence of an open mind potential to win in the face of the unknown, the new, the uncertain and the unthinkable and to learn how to survive disasters caused by humans and how to overcome fear from threats and terror.

We believe that citizens who survived the Sarajevo siege present an example of hope for mankind facing serious threats and unthinkable changes on our planet.