2.2. War in Bosnia and Herzegovina | The Dayton Peace Accords


War in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Enlarged segment from ‘The Fall of Yugoslavia 1991-1999’ Map (© FAMA Collection, 1999)

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”On March 3, 1992, Bosnia declared itself an independent nation. The United States and the European Union recognized it on April 6. Backed by Belgrade, the Bosnian Serbs demanded that Bosnia withdraw its declaration of independence. Izetbegovic refused, and fighting began, first as local skirmishing. The war had finally come to Bosnia. An ugly new euphemism entered the English language, courtesy of the Serbs: ‘ethnic cleansing’. It meant the killing, rape, and forced removal of people from homes on the basis of their ethnic background. Both Muslims and Croats were targets of Serb brutality. But even with a new United Nations peacekeeping force that entered Bosnia in 1992 to assist in humanitarian relief, the catastrophe only worsened.”

(Excerpts from Richard Holbrooke’s book “To End a War”)

War in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-1995 (Mapping the Dayton Peace Accords, 2015)