We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all the Donors, Supporters, Associates and Partners who have supported FAMA International projects and initiatives between 1990 and 2010. Listed in alphabetical order:

American Association of Publishers (USA)
B92 (Belgrade, Serbia)
Balkan Trust for Democracy - BTD (Belgrade, Serbia)
British Embassy in Belgrade (Serbia)
British Embassy in Sarajevo (BH)
Canton of Sarajevo: Ministry of Culture and Sports (BH)
Center for Cultural Decontamination (Belgrade, Serbia)
Copenhagen-Cultural City of Europe (Denmark)
Education Builds BiH – OGBIH (Sarajevo, BH)
Embassy of the United States in Bosnia & Herzegovina (Sarajevo)
Federal Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports (Sarajevo, BH)
Flash (Sarajevo, BH)
Fund for Humanitarian Law (Belgrade, Serbia)
Helsinki Committee for Human Rights (Belgrade, Serbia)
Indok Sistemi (Sarajevo, BH)
International Crisis Group
Japan Embassy in Sarajevo (BH)
Lula & Rade Mikielj (Belgrade, Serbia)
Macmillan Publishers and Prof. Noel Malcolm (UK)
MESS – International Theatre Festival (Sarajevo, BH)
MESS (1994-1996 - Sarajevo, BH / Haris Pasovic)
Municipality of Barcelona (Spain)
National Education Association (USA)
National Endowment of Democracy – NED (USA)
OHR – Office of the High Representative in Bosnia & Herzegovina (Sarajevo)
Open Society Foundations (Budapest, Hungary)
Open Society Fund (Belgrade, Serbia)
Open Society Fund (New York City, USA)
Open Society Fund (Sarajevo, BH)
OSCE Mission to Serbia – OEBS (Belgrade)
P3 Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
Random House and Ambassador Richard Holbrooke (USA)
Robert Donia (USA)
Saga (Sarajevo, BH)
SFOR – Stabilisation Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo, BH)
The Dayton Peace Accords Project (USA)
The National Committee of Japanese Historians (Japan)
The World Bank
Tiskara Meic (Zagreb, Croatia)
Tokyo Expo 96' (Japan)
Tokyo Metropolitan Government (Japan)
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (USA)
United Nations
Universal Bank (Sarajevo, BH)
University of Dayton (USA)
University of Michigen (USA)
UNPROFOR – United Nations Protection Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo, BH)
USAID – Mission in Bosnia & Herzegovina (Sarajevo)
WHIO TV – Channel 7 (Dayton, Ohio - USA)
Workman Publishing (NYC, USA)
Youth Initiative for Human Rights (Belgrade, Serbia)
Youth Initiative for Human Rights (Sarajevo, BH)