Virtual FAMA Collection:
the Sarajevo Siege 1992-1996

FAMA Collection brings home the human scale of events, places and experiences of the Siege of Sarajevo '92-'96 by communicating Collective Memory with Human Touch. As a virtual Bank of Knowledge, it aims to bridge a digital divide between the Culture of Remembrance and the Real-Time Quest for knowledge.

The FAMA Projects (created by FAMA Authors/Team in Sarajevo) are considered the world's largest independent Collection of multi-media projects pertaining to the Siege of Sarajevo (1992-1996) and related events in reference to the Fall of Yugoslavia (1991-1999). Over the years, the collection has grown amidst impossible conditions (the siege and post-war transition), in a variety of pioneering concepts, topics and international acknowledgements. In addition to its scale, historical-educational importance and mapping approach to documented documents and collective memory, the Collection itself projects a new approach to documenting facts and evidence, and mapping-out the causes and consequences of events in a genre accessible to a wide-spectrum audience.

At this point in time, FAMA Collection is completed and is ready to cross the 'digital divide' for the benefit of the global audience. A virtual collection as a method of preserving and transcending the knowledge from 20th century into interactive educational realm of 21st century. In today's world of conflicting priorities, rapidly changing perceptions and unsettling attempts to disqualify causes and consequences of important events, FAMA Collection is in a unique position to bridge the current gap between the need to preserve the integrity of facts and the ability to map-out causes and consequences in juxtaposition with modern times – in form of real-time knowledge transfer.

FAMA Projects and FAMA Collection are owned by FAMA Authors (Suada Kapic and Miran Norderland). Virtual FAMA Collection is supervised and administered by FAMA Authors.
Consortium of the project: FAMA International (Suada Kapic); MESS: Sarajevo International Theatre Festival (Dino Mustafic); OGBIH: Education Builds Bosnia-Herzegovina (Jovan Divjak); YIHR – BH: Youth Initiative for Human Rights BH (Alma Masic)
Project administrator: YIHR BH (Youth Initiative for Human Rights BH)

Ultimately, this initiative will map-out and integrate FAMA's Know-How in the context of national, regional and international quest for knowledge by:
Preserving the integrity of facts and evidence relating to the 'Siege of Sarajevo 92-96' and the 'Fall of Yugoslavia 1991-1999' by digitising FAMA Collection (projects, data, archives) in their original context;
Mapping-out the Culture of Remembrance and the Phenomenon of Survival in the context of the Sarajevo Siege '92-'96 experience, as inspirational, educational, informative and practical juxtaposition with user's outlook on contemporary life. Communicating Collective Memory with Human Touch;
Materializing user-friendly and interactive Educational modules for young people, educators, academics, NGO's, librarians, researchers, students, media and general public. Communicating the Collection's Know-How through interactive applications;
Encouraging inter-regional action, exchange of experiences and knowledge-exchange;
Contributing to Regional cohesion, stability, exchange of knowledge and information; reconciliation and cooperation in the fields of education, culture, academia, media and information;
Continuing promotion of FAMA's pioneering approach to collective memory as a form of documenting facts and evidence, and documented documents as a mapping approach to presentation of causes and consequences.

(1) Young People; (2) General Public; (3) Academics and Educators; (4) Libraries and Archives; (5) Museums and Collections; (6) Media and Journalists; (7) Political, Social Sciences and Historical Institutes & Think Tanks; (8) International Organisations; (9) NGOs and Grass-roots Groups; (10) Foreign Governments (departments of: foreign affairs, education, international aid, climate change, public diplomacy, international humanitarian law and human rights).
Outreach: National (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – Regional (South East Europe) – Global

Author of the Original FAMA Projects and FAMA Archives
Suada Kapic
Virtual FAMA Collection Author and Project Leader
Miran Norderland
Consortium of the Project
FAMA International
(Suada Kapic)
MESS: Sarajevo International Theatre Festival (Dino Mustafic)
OGBIH: Education Builds Bosnia-Herzegovina (Jovan Divjak)
YIHR – BH: Youth Initiative for Human Rights - BH (Alma Masic)
Project Administrator
Youth Initiative for Human Rights (BH) (YIHR-BH)

Production Teams

Project Management & Curatorship Team

(Project Plan / Context / Curatorship Protocol / Research / Data Structuring / Editing / Archives Protocol / Educational & User Engagement / Methodology & Conceptual Index)

Team Leader:

Miran Norderland
Programming Team

(Programming / IT / Web / Animation / Music / Video Editing / Documented Animation / User Engagement / Conceptual Index / Technical team / Digitization)

Team Leader:

Davor Vidovic
(VIZUAL Studio)
Creative Team

(Creative Concept / Art Direction / Graphic Design / Web design / Documentary Animation)

Team Leader:

Jelena Oksenfeld
Information Operators (B/C/S & English)

(Data segmentation process / Assignment of Unique Reference Number / Contextual analysis / Cross-referencing / Testing)

Team Leader:

Ivana Djurovic
Bi-Lingual Monitoring & Quality Assurance Team

(Data segmentation / Data digitization / Data coding / Cross – referencing / Monitoring)

Team Leader:

Branimir Markovic
Translator and Editor
Mirjana Evtov
Michael Mehen
FAMA Archives Operators

(Pre-Production stage / Original projects preparation)

Muhamed Kapic; Veda Kapic and Emir Kapic


Virtual FAMA Collection: Project Leader & Administrator
FAMA International
Launch Date
5 April 2012
©FAMA Collection – FAMA Authors
(Suada Kapic i Miran Norderland)