The issues we dealt with were determined by historical circumstances, the 1991-1999 war in former Yugoslavia and the siege of Sarajevo in particular. We followed the processes that led to the war, and the four years long destruction of a European city: the disappearance of a civilization and the establishment of a new one. We followed the trends of world politics, the mechanisms of humanitarian assistance, the way international media contributed to the final lifting of the siege by covering it day after day ... We witnessed the way creativity helped people in resisting the terror, and we understood how powerful an open mind can be. We realised how great the power of human nature is, and we closely followed societal changes in a besieged city, and we gradually created a Bank of knowledge. FAMA Collection now offers a possibility of establishment of a regional educational model for interpretation of disintegration of Yugoslavia. From the very beginning of this period, we were aware that documents, of all types and forms, would play a vital role in the fate of current and future generations. In keeping with our own personal principles, our methods rely on fact, oral history and recorded documentation (documented documents). It is through our unique insight and gift of foresight that we have been able to develop a step by step methodology that 'makes the obvious visible'.

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